FutureBuilt + 120 HOURS ENTRIES

One of the largest consumers of energy today is the building sector. Large amounts of CO2 are produced annually as a result of heating, transportation and use of materials in connection with construction and operation. FutureBuilt is a ten-year program established in 2010 with the ambition to show the possibilities in developing climate-neutral urban areas and architecture of high quality. The programme aims to raise public awareness in regards to the challenges and opportunities that lie in the development of more sustainable and climate neutral cities and buildings.

The task was to develop a concept that both exists as a physical structure in/on/around Futurebuilt’s pilot projects while establishing a digital network/connection between all the pilot projects. The proposal should increase awareness of the pilot projects on three levels of interaction with the public. 1.Locally - Draw attention to the pilot project as well as inform of it’s functions and performance. 2.Project to project - Connecting the various pilot projects to showcase the collective impact of climate neutral architecture on an urban scale. 3.FutureBuilt’s vision - Clearly communicate FutureBuilt’s ambition for a climate neutral society.